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Contribution and Review Guidelines

This project welcomes any and all input, but we need to have a few quality guidelines. These guidelines will be examplained here, in this document.

GIT Guidelines

New to GIT

If you have never used git before, you can look up our general reference on our wiki.

Git and You

GIT is a fantastic system, but while using it we have a few guidelines to keep it fantastic for everyone.

  • Submit complete PR's.
  • Add [DNM] if you do not want your PR merged yet.
  • Always try and fill in the whole form, even for small PR's.
  • Don't close when a reviewer requests changes (just push the changes or ask for help).
  • Explain what you did in your PR.
  • Be thorough.
  • If you can add screenshots to clarify.
  • Always try to add "Fixes #000" (where 000 is the Issue your PR fixes)
  • found something you want to fix yourself? Please do make an issue too.

Structure Guidelines

Naming scheme

File and folder names are important and making mistakes in them may give conflicts an/or annoyance in the future. Remember, your garbage needs to be cleaned by someone sometime in the future! For that reason, we have a few guidelines in regards to naming files and folder.

  • Always start files and folders WITHOUT a Capital.

Inclusion of files and folders

Although GIT is quite friendly in what it accepts in terms of files and folder changes in a commit, a reviewer's or bugfixer's time is not unlimited. For that reason, we have a few specific guidelines in regards to the inclusion of files and folders in your PR.

  • Only include files you actually changed.
  • Try not to include multiple changes in one PR
  • Want to change the formatting of multiple files too? Make a separate PR.

Always include the following files when creating a new jail

  • config.yml

Code Guidelines

Your code, your style, my review

Here at jailman, we value people having their own style. But your code needs to be reviewable and editable by others too. For that reason, we have a few basic coding guidelines

  • Always explain regex in a comment within your code.
  • Write simple code and don't try to impress.
  • We will run (Basic) automated reformating of code once in a while.
  • Document your changes in your code and if need be, on the wiki.
  • All PR's should be able to pass our automated shellcheck.
  • It's okey to add shellcheck ignores, but only AFTER you checked the warning!

jail requirements

  • Jails should always save user-specific data in a persistant location. Which is the location specified in the config.yml file under "config:", which is automatically mounted to every jail under /config. There should be no user specific data in the jail itself
  • Jails should not require the user to edit any config file themselves. All config changes should be automated
  • Jails should not use default passwords, the user should always be forced(!) to put credentials in config.yml manually

Review Guidelines

Even us review gods need some guidelines once in a while.

  • Let people learn from their mistakes
  • Review instead of merging without comments
  • Abide by these guidelines in your review
  • Tests exist for a reason. Don't merge with test-failures

Todo vs Feature vs bug:

Please take note of the difference between a TODO and Feature

  • Bug: An unexpected behavior of the script or a crash. Including, but not limited to, errors and warnings.
  • Todo: When you come across something that needs tweaking/adding during development, is not an unexpected behavior
  • Feature: When you, out of personal preference, want something added or changed.

That's it!

Someone will come along and review the changes. If everything looks good then they will merge it with the main repo. If you need any help don't be afraid to ask in the discord channel: